How many times did we impulsively buy something that we didn't need? How many times did we consume large international chains instead of local commerce? How many times did we receive a product wrapped in a thousand plastic bags?

Those are some of the questions that we asked ourselves a long time ago. We realized that we had in our hands the power to evolve. Many of us had already done it on a personal level, changing our routines that were harmful to the environment for much more ecological and sustainable processes. We stopped promoting the fast-fashion industry as well as some habits that were not respectful for the planet. So, if we were able to progress in our day-to-day life outside of work, why not apply these changes in the professional field?

We began to educate and train ourselves on sustainability and its impact, because we believe that information is power. After many months of evaluating which business model would be the most sustainable and accessible, we created a new identity. The 4 pillars of this identity are:


On-demand model allows us to anticipate the sales that we will make in that season so we are able to avoid overproduction. We do not generate excess stock and we only start manufacturing a garment when we receive the order.

Recycled fabrics

We are aware that the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world. We want our carbon footprint to be as small as possible, which is why all our fabrics are at least 80% recycled.

Local manufacturing

All the sublimated garments are manufactured in our factory in Mataró (Barcelona), from the start to the end. In addition, we are committed to local fabric suppliers, taking advantage of the fact that Mataró is one of the most important Spanish headquarters in the textile industry.

Responsible consumption

We love that you buy at Wintym, but we like it even more when you value the manufacturing process and consume thoughtfully. We reject the great discount campaigns that encourage excessive and impulsive consumption, that the only thing they achieve are huge amounts of returns and are the great key to the well-known fast-fashion sector.